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Rebuilders Choice Line of Pontiac Pistons


Rebuilder’s Choice Carries Vintage Pontiac Pistons and More

It seems that there is news everyday that one of the big piston manufacturers is yet again discontinuing a piston for one of your customer’s favorite collectors cars.  Rebuilder’s Choice by Packard Industries is now your first source for top quality pistons for an array of vintage engines.  Our pistons are precision machined within .001” of each other and weight balanced within 2 grams. An additional feature that we have added to many of our popular pistons is an anti-scuffing coating to ensure years of reliable service for your customers. Here are just some of our newly released pistons.

  • Pontiac 1950-54 268 STRAIGHT 8
  • Pontiac (Coated) 1959-65 389V8 FLAT TOP 4 VALVE RELIEF
  • Pontiac (Coated) 1959-65 389V8 DISHED LOW COMP, 1961-63 195 4 CYL W/ 1BBL
  • Pontiac (Coated) 1963-66 421V8 10.75 C.R.
  • Pontiac (Coated) 1967-69 428V8

These are just a small sample of what Rebuilder Choice can offer to world of collector car restoration and preservation. We carry an extensive line of piston for six cylinders, straight eights and V eights. So keep us in mind when your next vintage engine comes through the door. 1938-1980 parts are our specialty. Call today for your free catalog today. Packard Industries 1-800-768-3646