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Vintage and Collector Car Motor and Transmission Mounts


Motor and transmission mounts do more than just secure your drive train to the chassis on a classic car. They not only dampen vibrations that come from the drive train and road but keep the engine and transmission in alignment to ensure proper geometry and an overall smoothness during operation. As the rubber in your original mounts break down due to dry rot, oils and the weight of the engine, this can cause clearance problems for steering components. It can also cause improper misalignment of the transmission in relation to the rear end, which in turn can put undue stress on the transmission bushings and pinion bearing and lead to premature failure. Rebuilders Choice mounts are made to OEM specifications to ensure proper fit, function and alignment the first time. We offer one of the largest selections of mounts anywhere for domestic cars of the 1920’s through 80’s to ensure that your project does not get held up.