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Become a Wholesale Account

Wholesale Account Qualifications

  1. Your business must be that of Classic automotive or engine restoration, parts sales or both.
  2. You maintain a business address separate from your house, garage, or adjoining property.
  3. You will be required to purchase a minimum of $1000 per year. This will be prorated depending on your start date with us.
  4. We offer open accounts to any new dealer after a term of one year from acceptance.
  1. You will be required to send copies of all documentation making you legal to do business in your state, county and city. These may or may not include a business license, state retail tax
  2. If you feel qualified, please download the linked forms and return all the requested paperwork to us. NOT ALL APPLICANTS WILL QUALIFY OR BE ACCEPTED AS A Rebuilders Choice DEALER.
Download, fill and send us the below form OR you can also apply through the form below.

Customer Account Application (Part 1)

Banking Information

Trade References (Please list three recent suppliers)

Customer Account Application (Part 2)

Contact information

Authorized Purchasers

Accounts Receivable