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Keeping American History Running Strong For Generations To Come


Collector cars are just as much a part of history as a famous painting or structure. In fact they are rolling piece of history that needs people with the know how and the products to keep them going. The collector car hobby has been going in leaps and bounds and has become market in itself for many shops. Some of these cars can be long term projects. While others can be maintenance before a fun filled summer of use. Our goal here at Rebuilders Choice is to provide your shop with the one source for all your antique and collect car parts needs. You will never have to say no to job with us. Our product range, covers over 60 years of American built automobile. From AMC to Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Cadillac to Hudson, Nash, Willys and Packard and more. We pride ourselves on supplying the hard parts that were once considered obsolete. The majority of our product lines are new production that are better than NOS. As we have taken the time and done the research to improve on the originals using today advances in technology and materials. Many of the products that we have reproduced include brake, engine and suspension parts from, pistons to water pumps, fuel pumps, brake shoes and drums. One thing that you can rely is that Rebuilders Choice will be your one stop source for your customers collector car needs.

Never Say No To A Job Again 

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