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Add Antique/Classic Engine Rebuilding Services To Your Machine Shop…. Never Say No To A Job!

The antique and classic car market is showing continual growth, but a fear for many shops is the availability of various components such as pistons, bearings, valves, camshafts and more. In the past many shop would decline working on the likes of engines such as the Cadillac 331, Oldsmobile 371, Buick nailhead v8s and many …


New Production Pistons For Henry J and Jeep / Willys L & F head 134 Cubic Inch 4 Cylinders

New Production pistons are now available from Rebuilders Choice for the 1941-72 Willys /Henry J 134 L and F head 4 cylinders. The 134 cubic inch 4 cylinders found in Willys Jeeps and Henry J‘s have a relatively long stroke for the size of the engine. The longer the stroke, the more chance of scuffing …


Great Article On Rebuild a Cadillac 365

Rebuilding a vintage Cadillac V8? Here is a great article and part of the article includes the installation of our Rebuilders Choice coated pistons. We offer a full line of engine parts to cater to your vintage American car needs.


Why Rebuilders Choice Line of Hard to Find Auto Parts

The rate at which parts are being discontinued is increasing, each list from the main manufacturers get bigger each year so we are constantly looking at whether to reproduce certain parts. The amount of NOS parts that are available is dwindling and there is not an everlasting supply. We  stay on our toes and keep …


Keeping American History Running Strong For Generations To Come

Collector cars are just as much a part of history as a famous painting or structure. In fact they are rolling piece of history that needs people with the know how and the products to keep them going. The collector car hobby has been going in leaps and bounds and has become market in itself …


Rebuilders Choice’s Line of Antique and Vintage Engine Timing Component

All engine parts wear overtime and timing gears are no exception. They to wear out and the timing of the engine can be affected causing loss of performance and fuel mileage. Rebuilders Choice’s new timing chains, crank and cam gears regain the engines optimal performance by bringing the engines components back into sync, while giving …


Vintage and Collector Car Motor and Transmission Mounts

Motor and transmission mounts do more than just secure your drive train to the chassis on a classic car. They not only dampen vibrations that come from the drive train and road but keep the engine and transmission in alignment to ensure proper geometry and an overall smoothness during operation. As the rubber in your …


Brand New Production Buick Nail Head Water Pumps

1953-55 Buick nailhead V8 water pumps are now available for classic Buicks or street rods. Rebuilders Choice has reproduced the early iconic nailhead water pump to exact fit and function of your original. In the process of reproducing this pump, we have improved on the original design with today’s technology to include a high-speed/high-tension sealed bearing …


Rebuilders Choice Line of Pontiac Pistons

Rebuilder’s Choice Carries Vintage Pontiac Pistons and More It seems that there is news everyday that one of the big piston manufacturers is yet again discontinuing a piston for one of your customer’s favorite collectors cars.  Rebuilder’s Choice by Packard Industries is now your first source for top quality pistons for an array of vintage …


Rebuilders Choice Deluxe Brake Overhaul Kits

Packard Industries line of Rebuilder’s Choice brake overhaul kits span from 1936-1980.These kits now include all the essential components in order to do the job correctly and efficiently  from one source. The Rebuilders Choice deluxe brake rebuild kits includes master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hoses, brake shoes and brake hardware. These kits are the only ones …

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